ABOUT Kingdom Life Children Centre

Kingdom Life Children Centre was started in 1999 by Mrs Magoba. This is after she learned about the plight of children in difficult circumstances while she was a member of the governing body in one of the local schools. Teachers relayed the situations of desperate children who had no homes, neglected, physically, sexually and emotionally abused and AIDS orphaned children to the governing body, Mrs Magoba became concerned and felt the need to help.

At first she opened her home to provide shelter and love for 3 children. In a short period she had at least 12 children, and more cases still being referred to her by the social workers, school teachers and other community members who knew about her good deeds. She could not turn away children, yet her three-bedroom house was too small to accommodate all the children.

With the help of a local councillor, she identified a Municipality abandoned clinic previously known as Vembe Clinic. With little in her pocket, she cleaned up this vandalised property and made it a suitable home for her daily growing family. She currently lives with at least 40 children in this property together with her dedicated husband who is a father figure for these children.

Although the centre is registered to accommodate a maximum of 38 children, ages 4 to 18 years, we often have to accommodate more children, even those under and over the allowed group. With the HIV/Aids pandemic shortening the lives of most parents, children in our community are left helpless and destitute; their childhood is stolen as they have to become little fathers or mothers to their younger siblings. In cases like these, it becomes difficult to separate the younger siblings from their older brothers or sisters. Thus the centre would be forced accommodate the whole family, despite the legislative red tape.