Our Needs


The grant must be renewed periodically, and it supports the children until the age of 18 or until they finish high school. After that, the Centre has to improvise.

In reality, children who come to the Centre have no documentation, like birth certificates or identity documents; so while their cases are being investigated, there is no support or grant for those children. Some cases would take about a year before being finalized and all documentation being found in order; the Centre has to fend for those children until they are registered.


We also have children who finish Matric but due other challenges, cannot get bursaries or jobs. Other post matriculants would enroll on internship programs which do not support them financially, thus the Centre would have to assist them with accommodation, food, clothing and transport money until they are fully independent; this is a huge challenge for us.


This building was built more than 50 years ago; ever since we moved in 2002, there have been improvements which we are grateful for. However; maintenance of this building in its current structure and form is very costly; and we cannot afford to keep up with the constant fixing and repairs.

We need a library and computer room for our children as well the youth in our community. This facility will create a learning environment need to motivate our kids to achieve. They often have homework which needs to be researched on the internet, thus computer skills is not a luxury but it is a basic need for all learners in this generation.

Currently our children have to share rooms, up to 8 kids have to sleep in one room and share limited cupboard space; this creates tensions and fights among children. We would like to add 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.


Navigating with 42 children is a huge challenge, taking them to and from school is a difficult task when we don’t have reliable transport. Our bus has suffered severe wear and tear; most of the time it’s broken or taken in for repairs, leaving us desperate. In addition it not being usable; it only carries 25 people, leaving 17 kids without any means of transport.


Kids grow up very quickly clothing is one of our constant needs. To give you an idea of much food we consume; in the morning we use about 40l of milk, 6kg of cereal; 16 loaves of bread, 500g of peanut butter. After school, it’s bread and juice. For dinner we normally cook about 7kg of chicken. Our menu changes daily to give our kids balanced nutrition. Any form of food donations is always highly appreciated; it really goes a long way.


In order for our kids to get bursaries to further their studies, we need to assist them in making sure that they pass their matric very well. Our schools are unfortunately failing at this; it has become the parent’s duty to teach school subjects. Assistance with any subject will be a great help. Please refer to the chart for other needs.